Company  –  Core Competences

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Highest quality standards

Excellence in the delivery of services is our key to helping clients achieve their highest goals and aspirations.

We strive to exceed customer’s needs and expectations, aiming to deliver outstanding solutions.

We are committed to excellence in our projects, flexible and efficient execution, and driving continuous improvements throughout the whole value chain.

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Advanced technologies

MAN AUTOMATION offers state-of-the-art engineering solutions in line with the tremendously fast moving business world.

One of our success cornerstones is the ability to offer new ideas, innovative services and setting new standards in the automation sector.

Furthermore we combine leading-edge technology with fast-track installation, service and maintenance.

We utilize the latest advancements in our sector in order to support the innovativeness of our clients.

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Long-term customer loyalty

The needs of our customers, their satisfaction and prosperity are our main goal.

MAN AUTOMATION works hand in hand with clients, building trustworthy relationships based on accountability, integrity, and commitment.

We do relate to our partners and their success!

In the long term we are fully enabled to apply our strategy “Know Your Customer”, which allows us to customize our solutions to the fullest extent in order to meet the customer’s needs in a heartbeat.

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Cost efficient services

MAN AUTOMATION offers great variety of cost efficient service models. Our flexibility, near shore delivering units, and competitive rates are the basis for offering enduring cost efficient services.

The execution of supervising project management check ups on a regular basis ensures our awareness of the time, quality and cost constraint.

In this way we are able to leverage the delivering process, to reliably report our progress and communicate with the stakeholders in an efficient manner.

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The man power of  MAN AUTOMATION is our most valuable asset.

We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best at work. We invest a lot of capital in their professional education, participation in specialized seminars, and peer to peer exchange.

MAN AUTOMATION offers great working environment, challenging international career, and competitive compensations.

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Broad B2B Network

If we can not help you, we probably know a partner of ours that can!

Don´t hesitate to contact us.

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