Automation & Control




Automation &Control is a main cornerstone of Man Automation’s portfolio. Herewith we have a long lasting expertise working with leading companies in the field such as Alstom, GE Power, etc.

Man Automation’s expertise in the automation and control area includes:


  • Process Planning & Specification

we plan the automation system based on:

    • Process Functional Plans (PFUP): process plans, provided by the customer
    • Verbal description: plan, conveyed verbally from the customer on site
    • After process analysis on site: after performing a plant analysis on site in case of a retrofit project


  • Software Applications
    • Turbine Governor Control TGC: we have experience in programming, testing, and commissioning software applications for steam turbines for coal, combined and nuclear power plants
    • DCS Applications: we have experience in programming, testing, and commissioning of software for factory applications - e.g. Generator Running Test Facility


  • Software Programming and Visualization

we have broad experience working with wide variety of Auotmation Systems such as:

    • ALSPA P320
    • Mauell MEx4012
    • SILworX
    • Siemens Simatic S7
    • ABB Advant AC160, 800xA


  • Testing and Documentation

we conduct comprehensive end to end test for the applications and provive  detailed documentation

    • Pre FAT test: locally at your facility or at our company’s office
    • FAT tests: functional and acceptance test
    • Creation of detailed test reports & project documentation



For more Information refer to our  Reference List