Engineering Services




Our team can assist you with your new endeavours. Our engineers can support you to develop your automation concept, assist you to evaluate what needs to be upgraded in your factory from the automation and control point of view. We can support you to evaluate an offer from a control system provider, conduct a C&I evaluation of your equipment, and what upgrades are possible.

Our portfolio is divided into two branches – consultancy and services on site.


  • General Control & Instrumentation (C&I) Training for C&I Personnel with SCADA Systems
    • Designed from C&I Commissioning engineers for field peers on site: effective, practical, hands on examples.
  • SCADA HMI Operator Trainings
    • e.g. power station operators
    • tailor-made trainings, adjusted to your requirements
  • C & I Commissioning training
  • Conducting Control & Instrumentation studies
    • e.g. parts of ALSTOM ECO|RAM TM STUDY
  • Temporary leasing of engineering personnel
    • to overcome peaks in the workload


Services on Site

  • C & I commissioning with SCADA systems
    • Team of commissioning engineers with wide range of experiences in the following systems Alspa P320, Siemens S7, ABB, etc.
  • Providing process control Specialists
    • boiler specialists
    • turbine process specialists
  • Montage Services
    • cable pulling specialists
    • electrical groups for mounting transformers


Please make an inquiry in advance regarding the availability of our personnel. In case that we cannothelp you, we surely have the right connections that might help you.



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